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Buying used software

Buying used software: Why from MRM?

In a circular economy, the careful use of products is a priority. For the IT industry, this means that digital offerings are also passed on again and again, which, for software, can be a long, continued loop.

This continuously renewable value creation of the so-called Circular IT Economy is particularly well suited for the software lifecycle – after all, used software licenses do not show any signs of use during their useful life.

Once IT system houses or managed IT services providers have recognized the chances of used software for their customers, they need a strong partner at their side, who provides reliable and professional license brokerage. MRM Distribution acts as a B2B reseller, who mediates the suitable software to companies through a partnership. If a company, i.e. an end customer, is looking for used software, MRM can arrange a suitable system house partner.

MRM is Microsoft partner, multiple winner of the IT-BUSINESS Distri Award, official supplier of the largest IT purchasing associations such as SYNAXON AG and Nordanex and holds strategic partnerships with expert networks such as kiwiko eG and all well-known system houses in the IT channel. MRM also holds the TUEV IT trusted process certificate.

The MRM product portfolio: Used software

How does the core business of software trading work at MRM? And what specific offers can you find in the product range?

At MRM you can buy used software – under careful consideration of all legal and manufacturer specifications.

Is your company interested in used software and does not yet work with a managed IT services provider or a system house partner ? MRM will gladly put you in touch with MRM partners so that you can benefit from the attractive MRM offers.

The used software licenses traded by MRM are exclusively used perpetual software licenses from Microsoft, offering a full range of functions for a fraction of the investment. Find out here which products MRM offers in used software:


Note: The support period for Microsoft Office 2013 ends in April 2023, hence MRM experts recommend switching to Office 2016 or 2019 as soon as possible.

You are looking for other special products? Get in touch with the MRM team. Additional, special software licenses are also available.

Used software for your customer: Become an MRM distribution partner now

As managed IT services provider, system house or reseller, you can also sell used Microsoft software from volume licensing agreements to end customers or, as an end customer, have the right MRM partner at your side to enable the value-added cycle of IT products and combine it with outstanding cost-efficiencies.

Register now as a distribution partner using the registration form and benefit from MRM’s services for your customers.

The MRM B2B team reviews each registration form individually and then contacts you personally to inform you about a possible inclusion. Over 4,700 partners are part of the MRM network today.

Sales cooperation: Used software and so much more

A distribution partnership with MRM benefits from secure and fully functional used software. And the offer of MRM Distribution goes far beyond that: From Workflow Automation  to Email Encryption to Refurbished Hardware. Provide your customers with the best conditions for a trouble-free IT conception.

Used software: Advantages of an MRM partnership

Buy used software – guaranteed legally, market and manufacturer compliant. This is the unique selling point of MRM. The first, and so far, only distributor for used software licenses in the DACH region concludes sales partnerships that come with many advantages. From high margins to flexible order quantities – this overview reveals all the details:

High margins:
through large-volume purchasing from medium-sized to enterprise businesses within the European economic area

Fair pricing:
for fast turnover of goods. Project pricing on request and after consultation with your account manager.

14 days payment term:
for purchase on account. Extended payment terms after consultation with your account manager

No minimum order quantities:
Flexible and demand-driven for you and your end customers

Audit security:
through complete documentation

Sales and marketing support:
for registered MRM partners, up to cashback promotions, incentive campaigns and co-op marketing

Wide range of products:
even when large volumes are required

Convenient license ordering:
and order management via partner portal

What MRM partners say about us

Logo Egenberger Telehaus - MRM Partner

“It is worth taking a closer look and offering our customers used software as a cost-effective as well as legally and manufacturer-compliant alternative. If used licenses – then via MRM as a distributor. We are more than satisfied with the partnership cooperation with Mr. Glashauser and MRM as a whole.”

Fabian Grimm, Egenberger IT Solutions

Logo Schmidt Solutions & Service - MRM Distribution

“The topic of used software is on everyone’s lips among our customers, but in many places the necessary detailed knowledge is still lacking and there are still some concerns about legally compliant use. We at Schmidt IT have been addressing this issue for some time now and proactively offer our customers used software as an alternative to the usually much more expensive new software from Microsoft. With MRM and our contact person Mr. Glashauser, we have found the perfect partner to handle the issue for us and our customers in a legally correct manner and to fully utilize the economic advantages of used software.

We are extremely pleased with MRM and look forward to many more projects together!”


Michael Schmidt, Michael Schmidt IT GmbH

„Some of our customers are now coming back to On Prem – in whole or in part. Office applications such as Word and Excel are completely sufficient in their case and the acquisition costs are quickly amortized. Their Exchange server can continue to remain in the cloud in hybrid interaction. In most cases, these are small and medium-sized companies whose employee structures are constant, i.e. which are not forced to maximum flexibility due to high fluctuation. In this case, we are happy to offer the cost-effective alternative of used volume licenses from our long-standing partner MRM Distribution.“

Volker Menz, Menz EDV

Rechtslage - Software weiterverkaufen - Paragraph

Clear legal situation: trading with used software is legal

The purchase and sale of used software and its volume licenses is a valid business as has been established by both the European Court of Justice and the German Federal Court of Justice. The trade with licenses is only linked to clearly defined conditions, which are guaranteed to be observed by MRM on every level of cooperation.

Find details about software licenses and legal background on the MRM knowledge page: legal situation

Ernesto Schmutter - MRM Distribution CEO

The Future of Software: A Market Outlook

The IT industry is constantly evolving – cloud solutions are becoming more widespread, but they register trade-offs in data security compared to traditional on-premises software. Many companies also have a strong desire for independence or lack the IT budget to build a meaningful and contemporary cloud structure.

Purchasing used software licenses, on the other hand, is cost-effective and therefore extremely economical, as Ernesto Schmutter, former CEO of MRM Distribution, explains.

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    "MRM is like a "Tested" stamp on used original software for our partners and their business end customers. Everyone knows: the goods are reputable, secure as well as fairly priced and can be procured and resold via the usual professional trading structures. This ensures trust among partners, their customers and also manufacturers."

    Christian Bedel | Managing Director