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Cooperation opportunities with MRM: This is why an IT partnership is so valuable

The Circular IT Economy is – as the name suggests – a circular economy. This means that it does not resort to value chains that are to be understood as one-way streets, but functions as a value cycle. In doing so, it requires modern methods to make optimal use of resources. These important methods include, for example, the professional reprocessing of hardware or the reusage of software licenses – both of which are part of the MRM Distribution portfolio.

MRM links parties – because a circular economy in IT is inconceivable without partnerships: Manufacturers, system houses, service providers, vendors and users all contribute to ensuring that products change hands sustainably and that companies can benefit from an ideal IT infrastructure.

The common goal: maximizing the life cycle of IT products

MRM partners can be sure that doing business with MRM not only helps to minimize the ecological footprint – the principle of circular economy also pays off financially: IT products can be purchased at low cost and expenses in companies can be saved by selling unused software licenses, for example – or by optimizing IT management through professional consulting as well as technical tools.

The result: The increased profitability of investments in the IT industry

Find out here which of the cooperation options suits you and your company:

A cooperation with MRM: These options are available

Become an MRM Partner: What opportunities does the distribution expert offer? What are the requirements for suitable companies? Get an overview of the cooperation possibilities here.

Your interest in a partnership has been awakened? Simply fill out and submit the contact form on the respective partner page – the MRM team will get back to you:

Become a sales partner: For system houses

As an MRM partner, system houses have the opportunity to provide their customers with refurbished hardware or to trade used software licenses with sales partners. Workflow automation or email encryption can also be taken advantage of in a partnership. Discover the options of a sales cooperation with MRM.

Service partnership: For specialized IT service providers

IT service providers can partner with MRM if they are in one of the following areas of expertise: Hardware Refurbishment, Workflow Automation or email encryption. Renowned industry partners thus expand their customer base through MRM partners and system houses. Discover the options of a service cooperation with MRM.

Co-Op Marketing: For long-term cooperation partnerships

If a company has already been a cooperation partner for at least one year, it has the option of being actively promoted by MRM. A system house or system house association thus benefits from so-called Co-Op Marketing, which can also include financial support for marketing measures. Discover the options of Co-Op Marketing with the MRM.

Become part of the MRM network

Are you interested in a trusting partnership with the MRM? You meet the criteria of a cooperation opportunity? Contact us at MRM so that a possible partnership can be safely examined.

The advantages of a cooperation with MRM

A partnership with MRM has various attractive advantages. The most important ones at a glance:

Wide range of offers
As a cooperation partner of MRM, you benefit from a unique portfolio of used software licenses compliant with all legal and manufacturer requirements, or hardware products, or workflow automation solutions. MRM also has the right offer for large volume demand.

High margins
Through large-volume purchasing from medium-sized businesses as well as large enterprises, MRM can guarantee you, as a partner, comfortable margins. When selling the workflow automation solution (Quickwork), you also secure unique MRM distribution conditions.

Sales & Marketing Support
As a registered MRM partner, you will not only receive professional sales support – customized marketing measures for your company will also be promoted by MRM Co-Op Marketing after one year of partnership.

Convenient license management
Both the ordering of used licenses and the order management via the MRM partner portal are designed to be user-friendly for you. Cooperation partners can obviously contact their dedicated MRM consultant at any time.

Highest quality products
MRM only brokers products from renowned refurbishers and vendors or manufacturers. In a partnership with MRM, you can therefore be sure that all requirements of the legislator and the manufacturer are completely fulfilled.

Core values: What is important to us in a partnership

Circular IT Economy thrives on players who see themselves as part of a community. Not only expertise, but also the following basic values are indispensable:


MRM is a distributor that has established trusting relationships with industry partners, not least through the receipt of IT business awards and as an official Microsoft partner. The manufacturer and legally compliant quality of the mediated IT products and services is guaranteed by MRM at all times.


MRM protects its cooperation partners by guaranteeing stable purchasing and sales structures in the circular IT economy. The profitability of the business with end customers remains for trading partners of MRM. The distributor does not compete with cooperation companies.


In a partnership, MRM offers each individual cooperation partner a contact person. Every concern is discussed personally and at eye level. The intensive support and advice of the distribution company creates a close cooperation.


MRM exclusively gives verified partners access to the extensive product portfolio of manufacturers such as Microsoft or Adobe. The range of refurbished hardware industry giants GSD and bb-net with their brands Reteq and tecXL, as well as the service providers WeEncrypt and CCP Software, is also available exclusively to the distributor’s cooperation partners – and always at excellent wholesale conditions.