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Co-Op Marketing

The advertising format for IT industry partners: What is Co-Op Marketing?

Co-op marketing involves advertising measures that support a company. Marketing programs can receive full or partial financial support.

MRM Distribution is exactly this supporter.

The advertising placement itself is carried out by a sales channel partner – i.e., a partner company that can provide the appropriate communication channel. In this way, IT companies can work together ideally to extend cooperation opportunities to the marketing area as well and place brands with a high reach.

The possibilities of a marketing cooperation range from the prominent naming of a company in various media to the creation of extensive and individual advertisements.

Cleverly combined: How does Co-Op Marketing work at MRM?

Are you an MRM partner and can already look back on a successful business year at the distributor’s side? Then you have already fulfilled the most important requirement for Co-Op Marketing with a partnership of at least one year.

Together with MRM, cooperation partners realize the many advantages of used software licenses and a holistic Circular IT Economy with additional services day by day – the use is reflected in a growing business.

This IT business is also enriched by so-called Barter deals. An example: It is agreed that MRM publishes an article about a cooperation partner and this partner places an article about MRM on its own advertising space – a win-win situation that connects partners with MRM.

Perfecting marketing together: The role of MRM

MRM supports these marketing activities with know-how and financial resources:

  • Mailings:
    The MRM participates in the production of mailings sent by cooperation partners to their end customers.

  • Events:
    The MRM sponsors parts of in-house events that are addressed to end customers.

  • TeleSales:
    MRM supports TeleSales campaigns, i.e. direct sales to end customers by telephone.

  • Printed advertising:
    The MRM provides content for catalog advertising or product brochures that inform end customers about a cooperation partner’s portfolio.

  • PR measures:
    The MRM pays an advertising allowance for the implementation of PR strategies such as advertisements and advertorials in high-reach magazines or trade journals with a focus on end-customers.

You have been an MRM partner for at least one year and would like to learn more about your personal Co-Op Marketing opportunities? Then the responsible MRM team is looking forward to hearing from you via the contact form.

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