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About us

About us: The experienced licensing experts at MRM Distribution

Since 2017, MRM Distribution GmbH & Co KG has been one of the leading companies pursuing the Circular IT Economy-model. Extending the lifetime of IT products through extending their ecological footprint is MRM’s mission.

Making optimal use of used software licenses – this is the core competence of MRM Distribution. As an official Microsoft partner, MRM buys and sells idle software licenses to make sustainable use of capital. This is how lifecycle management in IT works par excellence. In addition, MRM procures valuable IT services from partners to support companies holistically. These include workflow automation solutions, refurbished hardware and e-mail encryption. The trusting cooperation with more than 4,700 registered IT resellers – including the largest purchasing associations and well-known specialist retailers – has led to multiple IT BUSINESS Distri-Awards.

Software reselling made easy – with MRM Distribution.

Our values: Reliably and securely resell software

Making unused software licenses available to new owners in a lucrative way – this can be done at any time with MRM Distribution in a highly efficient and legally compliant manner.

Reliability and trust are at the core of all partnerships. Following a non-binding inventory of the licenses, personal support is provided throughout the software purchasing process. Any additional IT services can also be arranged.

MRM partners can be assured of a fair and market-driven sales price – so that companies can operate profitably and at the cutting edge of IT.

What we offer: The MRM services outlined

The value-added cycle of technical items – whether software or hardware – is too often not fully exhausted. Products are disposed of instead of keeping them within their life cycle. This is where MRM Distribution wants to take countermeasures. In order to realize the IT lifecycle to the maximum, MRM covers the following business areas for you:

Used software:
  • MRM is passionate about optimizing the lifecycle of software by reusing Microsoft volume licenses from business users. This not only has financial advantages for you – the environment also benefits enormously. What is often not known: IT products consume quite a bit of energy. Whether cloud, streaming or blockchain, IT trends devour resources – in some German regions already more than a quarter of the total energy. MRM can counteract this energy consumption through a professional analysis of the IT infrastructure in a company.
  • Reliquidating used software and resource-conscious management work hand in hand.

Refurbished Hardware:
  • The professional refurbishment of used hardware – so-called hardware refurbishment – is an IT service that MRM can offer thanks to specialized cooperation partners. The process is so important because otherwise IT products often have a short lifespan, high energy consumption and increased waste production.
  • MRM Hardware Refurbishing Partners include GSD and bb-net with their Reteq and tecXL brands.

Email encryption:
  • Optimal, secure management of your emails should not require any technical expertise. Intuitive usability is therefore the top priority – that’s MRM’s understanding of email encryption.The MRM partner for reliable email encryption: WeEncrypt.

Software Asset Management:
  • Scaling up e.g. product development through creating more secure workflows, designing and managing APIs is on your client’s mind? MRM has a workflow automation solution that enables you to sell developer services to your customers. It also enables white-labeling.
  • The MRM solution for Workflow Automation: Quickwork

Our Team: These are the faces behind MRM Distribution

It is a matter of the heart for MRM Distribution to get in touch with you in a transparent and approachable way.

The MRM team introduction – get to know our IT lifecycle professionals. Contact us today with any questions, problems, etc., we are here to help.


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