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IPaaS Workflow-Solution Quickwork

IPAAS: What it is and how it works

An Integration Platform-as-a-Service or iPaaS is a cloud-based service that integrates data, applications (also: apps) and processes. Workflows can thus be easily represented in the platform by connecting the applications using connectors that are used for data retrieval and transfer, without programming knowledge.

MRM Distribution offers an out-of-the-box, white-label no/low-code solution for IT resellers through its partner Quickwork.

New business requirements often mean an urgent need to scale or adapt IT infrastructure and workflows. Isolated processes and complex workflows become seamless thanks to Quickwork: any type of workflow can be mapped with integrated applications using drag’n’drop. As a result, workflows become error-free and can be rebuilt in real-time at any time if needed.

Quickwork: from complex to simple

Quickwork was founded in 2015 with the goal of simplifying workflow automation through a no-code drag ‘n’ drop interface. With over 1,800 applications already integrated to date, this is enabled in a platform environment and requires no developer effort.

A typical use case is, for example, capturing contacts from a marketing automation tool and adding them to the CRM, or vice versa. The platform enables the mapping of simple, but also extensive and complex workflows.

By connecting in-house systems and third-party integrations, it can help significantly accelerate and scale any product development.

With just a few clicks, a workflow can be turned into an API and thus shared with external partners to simplify collaboration and improve the user experience.

What makes Quickwork so special? As an iPaaS pioneer founded in 2015, Quickwork has equally deep expertise in building custom workflows with existing, in-house applications, is white-label ready, and more:

Collaborate better and faster

Whether simple or complex workflows, the automation of workflows is quickly learned thanks to pre-integrated applications and connectors in the Quickwork platform and can be quickly taught to other users.

  • Work in real time
  • Over 1800 integrated apps
  • Minimal training effort
  • Drag’n’Drop Surface
  • Easily convert workflows to APIs

Support via chat, community, or SLA

The platform for IT system houses

Looking for a white-label enabled platform to support your customers? Quickwork offers not only white-labeling but also an embedded solution with customer branding.
  • High flexibility
  • High customer service standards
  • Local contact persons
  • ISO 27001 compliant(Information Security)
  • DGVO compliant

Enables service performance for multiple end customers.

Customized solutions

In addition to the pre-integrated apps and connectors, Quickwork offer
Developer support for customized workflows or API design for your customers’ in-house project

  • Support of internal projects with self-developed applications or workflows
  • New applications are added “on demand
  • Budget-friendly access to programmers and architects, remote or on-site support
  • Hosting on-prem, in the cloud or hybrid

Quickwork supports the Citizen Developer approach.

Data and facts

Quickwork has recorded over 3 billion transactions to date through its integrated applications, with over 5000 transactions per second.

Users in more than 130 countries are already building workflows with Quickwork.

Design faster, more secure workflows, design and manage APIs, sell developer services to your customers.

Your company can also purchase the Quickwork platform solution from MRM or have a white label solution developed for your customers: Register now as a distribution partner via the registration form and benefit from MRM’s services for your customers.

The MRM B2B team reviews each registration form individually and then contacts you personally to inform you about a possible inclusion. More than 4,700 partners are part of the MRM network today.

Sales cooperation: automation of workflows and much more

A distribution partnership with MRM benefits MRM’s vendor partners. From the purchase and sale of licenses to the procurement of refurbished hardware and professional e-mail encryption. Provide your customers with the best conditions for a problem-free IT conception.

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    „Buying licenses is one thing - managing licenses on a daily basis is quite another. For us as the first German distribution for trading in used software, it has long been a strategic goal to offer our partner network not only volume licenses, but also services to operate and manage software in a legally secure and manufacturer-compliant manner.“

    Christian Bedel | Managing Director

    „Our product enables companies to become more agile, implement shift-link methodologies, and automate processes at scale while delivering ROI in a matter of days. We look forward to working with MRM and solving our customers' problems on their digital transformation journey.“

    Rajat Kakar, Managing Director Quickwork EMEA