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Used software

Used Software:
An Important Part of the Circular IT Economy

Pursuing the Circular economy-model is not only timely but should be part of any corporate social responsibility strategy.

Giving products the longest possible life cycle through reuse avoids the mining of new raw materials and excessive waste production. In addition, companies increase their profitability.

Mindfulness with regard to the maximum use of pre-owned objects and digital offerings thus means that they do not only benefit others but also our planets wellbeing. They are neither carelessly thrown away, nor do raw materials have to be cleared for new products. This mindfulness completely reflects the spirit of our times. And by the way, companies act extremely economically due to favorable purchase and attractive sales prices.

MRM Distribution perfectly embodies the Circular Economy:

Used software is the ideal way to achieve the longest possible lifecycle IT while reducing IT costs. Reusage can be practiced efficiently in IT – with trustworthy, professional partners at your side: The distribution professional MRM buys used software licenses via vendor partners or companies and sells them to commercial customers such as system houses.

This is how MRM buys used software through partners.

This is how MRM buys used software through companies.

This is how MRM sells used software through partners or brokers sales through partners to companies.

IT partnerships with MRM: This is why idle software licenses are so valuable

The circular IT economy focuses in particular on the reuse of IT products. Resource-conserving devices and services are becoming increasingly important in the IT industry. The value creation cycle of secondhand software also plays a decisive role in this system: Used software licenses do not show any signs of wear and tear.

Conscious software lifecycle management has decisive advantages here:

  • A company’s IT infrastructure can be made more manageable and freed from idle software licenses.
  • Unused licenses can be sold at MRM in compliance with the law, the market and the manufacturer, and at a profit.
  • Licenses brokered by MRM offer provide a a full range of functions for a fraction of the investment (compared to new software licenses) – without any wear or tear, as they are not a physical product.

MRM trades specifically in used Microsoft software from volume licensing agreements (e.g. perpetual licenses) with companies within the European Economic Area. In doing so, it is active in purchasing via vendor partners or from enterprise sales, and selling via its partner network.

The extensive MRM product portfolio includes:

  • Applikationen:
    Microsoft Office Standard | Professional Plus | Project | Visio

  • Microsoft server systems:
    Windows| Exchange | SQL | SharePoint

  • Windows operating systems:
    From full version Windows XP OEM/SB to Windows 10 Enterprise Upgrade LTSC as well as Windows Server

  • Server Access Licenses:
    Device and User CALs as well as Core and Enterprise CAL Suites

Origin, heart and largest business area:

  • Microsoft volume licenses were the first and are still the most important product of MRM and its partners. Licenses traded by MRM were all first circulated in the European Economic Area and are completely uninstalled from all devices in a company after a sale.

You too would like to sell used original software licenses? Find out how you can make use of idle capital via a clear checklist that summarizes all phases of the sale as well as the most important advantages of a partnership with MRM as a vendor.

Clear legal situation: trading with used software is legal

The legitimacy of purchasing or selling used software and volume licenses has been confirmed by both the European Court of Justice and the German Federal Court of Justice. Trading licenses is linked to clearly defined conditions, which are guaranteed to be observed by MRM on every level of cooperation.

Read our MRM knowledge page on the subject of software licenses and law,  on the legal situation.

The Future of Software: A Market Outlook

The digital transformation is unstoppable and continues to break new ground. The IT industry continues to develop and with it the structure in companies. Cloud solutions are becoming more and more widespread.

Why does traditional on-premises software still often make sense?

Data security is a major issue when using the cloud: data worth protecting can be disclosed more quickly and unintentionally. To reliably prevent this, know-how is required that is not yet available in many companies. In addition, there is often a lack of IT budget for setting up a sensible and up-to-date cloud structure, and the desire for independence also means a great deal to many companies still. Experts agree that the cloud business will still require years of user and developer testing before all business-critical factors have been eliminated.

The solution is therefore still: used software

Purchasing used software licenses is cost-effective and therefore extremely economical: companies that sell unused software licenses to a professional distributor such as MRM gain additional financial resources.

„Since MRM entered the market, neither resellers nor customers have had to rely on using questionable sources for used software. Most have long since learned which criteria and documentation are important when buying and reselling.“

Christian Bedel | Managing Director