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Discover the advantages of ECJ-compliant Microsoft software license trading with MRM Distribution: A brilliant way to turn your unused licenses into cash and extend the life cycle of your technical products. Take the first step with us into a more efficient digital future.

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Through our partner Quickwork, we offer you an out-of-the-box, white-label-capable no/low-code solution for specialist IT retailers.

Used software

Used software is the ideal way to make the IT life cycle as sustainable as possible and to reduce your IT expenses


Together with our partners, we offer comprehensive cybersecurity solutions that protect your data, minimize risks and strengthen trust in digital infrastructures.

Partner program

At MRM we bring actors together. Our goal is to make a functioning circular economy in the IT world possible through strong partnerships. Join us and be part of this exciting movement towards a more sustainable and efficient IT future.


Your cooperation opportunities

Whether sales partner, service partner or partner in co-op marketing – we offer many interesting networking opportunities. Were we able to arouse your interest?

Strong through collaboration

We have earned the trust of the industry - recognized with IT business awards and through strong partnerships with global giants such as Microsoft. See for yourself.

Our values ​​at MRM

Our values ​​guide us in everything we do – from the way we do business to our decision-making to our interactions with customers and partners.

People business

Behind every technology there are people with passion and passion. That's why trust, mindfulness and respect are among our basic priorities. Join us to work in a community that values ​​each individual and creates incredible things together.

Protected business model

At MRM, maximum transparency is the top priority. We only work with carefully vetted and officially registered partner companies in order to offer you a first-class portfolio for your business with end customers. Safety and quality for your success – you can rely on MRM!

Sustainable success

The circular economy offers the perfect framework to ease the burden on your company and promote sustainable growth. From license management to used hardware, we are sending a strong message against the throwaway society. You too can say “no” to unnecessary waste and “yes” to an environmentally friendly and resource-saving future!

Personal service

At MRM, every cooperation partner has their own personal contact person. We are there for every concern, personally and at eye level. Our intensive support and consulting service ensure close and tangible collaboration – quickly and easily.

Success stories

Our success is no coincidence: from revolutionary solutions in license management to sustainable strategies in the circular economy, each story is a testament to the effectiveness of our collaboration and the positive impact we have together on the industry and the environment. 


Find out how we were able to solve the problem of AOK over-licensing after the Corona pandemic.

furniture shop

Find out how we successfully reduced costs by 300% compared to re-licensing.

Engineering Society

Gain insights into the high revenue that the sale of unused software licenses can generate.

Have you ever thought about what your licenses are worth?

Calculate now how much your used Microsoft licenses are worth.

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