Here you will find the most important legal and general information about the circular IT economy, trading in used software, software licenses and our company MRM Distribution. This information will be continually updated for you.


The only differences between “used” and new software are that the license of the “used” software was already owned and used by a previous owner. Since there is naturally no physical wear and tear on the goods with software, points such as reliability generally do not play a role. The used version of software is always just as good as the corresponding new product. When remarketing the software, the original owner passes on the license and usage rights to MRM.

This refers to the resale of used investment items. This can involve the remarketing of physical objects - for example monitors, servers or other hardware - as well as software and the associated licenses. 

Depending on the version, companies can save up to 70% when purchasing used software, thereby reducing their cost of IT. Depending on the version, companies can receive sales of up to 40% of the initial value.

Owning a software license gives the owner the right to install and use a specific software on a computer. A software license is required for any paid software used by the owner.

A volume license is a licensing model for paid software that enables the purchase and use of multiple licenses or multiple licensing. A volume license can be installed and used on multiple devices. The purchase also gives the owner the right to make copies of the software on his company's devices. A classic example is Microsoft or Office volume licenses.

The term SAM summarizes various processes that are used for license management or for managing a company's software inventory. This includes control over new investments, ongoing costs and risks that can lead to over- or under-licensing. Special SAM software is often used to control these processes. 

MRM offers the CCP LiMa Connector especially for service providers and consultants for SMEs who do not want to use a complex SAM tool. Multi-client capable and cost-effective. 

Mislicensing occurs when a company has too many or too few licenses. When using different licensing models or software versions from Microsoft, companies can become confused, which can lead to incorrect licensing. 

Overlicensing is a form of mislicensing. In this case, the company has more licenses than it needs. In order to contribute to license optimization, these can be sold to MRM, provided that the information on the initial purchase is properly documented and can be presented.

Underlicensing is another form of mislicensing. In this case, a company has installed software on some computers for which no separate license was purchased. In order to protect themselves legally and financially, companies can buy used software in order to equip these computers with their own licenses even more cheaply.

Legal Information

Yes. If it involves the sale of used original software that was first brought onto the market in the European Economic Area (EEA) or the EU with the consent of the author, the entire transaction is legally compliant. This was decided by the European Court of Justice in its judgment of July 3.7.2012, 2013. In July XNUMX, the Federal Court of Justice confirmed the legality of trading in used software licenses.

Legal compliance or not, many customers and partners of the manufacturers are quite skeptical, as the manufacturers generally do not proactively comment on this topic.

Microsoft now has one Dedicated page on the topic of “acquiring software legally” with a special point for the sale and use of used software.

Incidentally, Microsoft first took a position on the admissibility of the distribution and use of used software and the associated licenses in an official letter from the legal department in November 2015.

Read the Microsoft LCA statement on used software from November 2015 here.

At the end of March 2018, Microsoft issued another official letter to educate customers and partners, which should also help to distinguish illegal offers from numerous providers on the Internet from used software that can be traded legally.

Read the Microsoft LCA Statement from 2018 here.

In addition, as of June 1, 2021, Microsoft has the The adjustment made to its product conditions has been revoked. This allows corporate customers to sell their licenses that they no longer need to MRM Distribution without losing their right to “from SA” offers.

Of course, the initial distribution right for a product always lies with the manufacturer of the product. This ensures that the author receives appropriate compensation for his added value. Once the author has exercised the right, i.e. agreed to the sale and received the appropriate consideration, i.e. the sales price, this right is exhausted according to Section 69c No. 3 Sentence 2 UrhG. This applies both in Germany and to the entire internal market of the European Union or the European Economic Community (Community-wide exhaustion). The product in question is then free for further distribution. This is explicitly “regardless of any restrictions on the content of the granted right of use,” as stated in the guiding principle of the BGH ruling of July 6, 2000. The right to rent, however, is not exhausted.

No. Under clearly defined conditions, the sale of standard software is legally compliant even without the manufacturer's express consent. In order to ensure the legally effective transfer of usage rights, the sale of used software is subject to compliance with certain guidelines and legal requirements.

Yes, individual software licenses from volume license agreements may be resold used. In a decision of the Munich I Regional Court dated November 28, 2007 (Az:30 O 8684/07), the court stated that “the sale or disposal of individual Microsoft software licenses that had previously been issued within the framework of volume license agreements , is in principle possible effectively even without the consent of Microsoft”.

Software is an important asset for companies as long as it performs fully in the productive environment and consistently contributes to the business strategy. Obsolete software, on the other hand, reduces productivity, paralyzes business processes or, if unused, no longer contributes to value creation.

Selling software that is no longer needed frees up tied up capital that can be reinvested in new, agile IT, whether in on-premise, cloud or hybrid scenarios.

Yes. MRM Distribution only offers verified licenses with legally valid licensing and all the necessary documentation in terms of initial purchaser, declaration of destruction and all other documents required to comply with the manufacturer's and legal requirements.

Audit-proof: With every delivery of used software you will receive complete documentation from MRM in the form of:

  • Delivery note & invoice
  • Confirmation of proper purchase by the first purchaser
  • Confirmation of complete uninstallation and rendering unusable by the first purchaser
  • Official document for the legally compliant transfer of usage rights
  • Installation disk

For intermediaries & partners

Are you an IT consultancy, a system house or wholesaler?

Please fill out the registration form here .

If you register successfully, you will shortly receive a confirmation email. After a successful internal check, we will activate your access to the MRM order portal.

There are different models for partnerships with MRM: You can work with us as a distribution partner or service provider. Or you can benefit from our Co-Op marketing offer. Are you interested in working together? Find out all the details about the various cooperation options. 

A cooperation with MRM offers various advantages for you as a partner, but also for your customers. You can find an overview of all benefits on our partner pages.

No, you can also transfer the licenses of your clients or customers to us without a partnership. 

However, there are some advantages that a partnership brings with it. These include: a wide range of offerings, high margins and fair pricing. You can find more information about a sales partnership with MRM on our partner pages.

Selling software that is no longer needed can increase the potential for company rescue and thus contribute positively to the insolvency plan. As an insolvency advisor, you can give this important food for thought to the company's IT managers. You can initially check on your own whether the company has obviously unused software. However, for a thorough check, it is worthwhile for the company concerned to contact MRM directly, based on your advice. This allows us to carry out a comprehensive inventory and exploit the full potential by purchasing unused software.

As an agent, you should inform your clients or customers how they benefit from selling their used software that they no longer use and inform them roughly about the process of purchasing the software. If the customer is interested, you can then contact MRM to discuss next steps.

According to the ruling of the European Court of Justice of July 3.7.2012, XNUMX, trading in used software is permitted in all EU countries and the European Economic Area (EEA).

The advantages include high margins, a convenient procurement process because MRM maintains standard sales structures with its partners, and much more. You can find more information about this on our service page.


Yes. MRM Distribution offers partner marketing and supports you in presenting the topic to your customers. We support newsletter content, offer white label-ready information flyers, sales briefings and guidelines, or make a financial contribution to your events or online campaigns aimed at end customers. You can find all information and your contact person on our Co-Op Marketing page.

Used software

The following are reasons to sell your software to MRM: Out of…

…from a commercial perspective: Software is an important asset for companies. Therefore, licenses should be used well within the existing framework and sold if there is a surplus. Our non-binding inventory reveals your licensing situation and prevents over-licensing.

…future-oriented and sustainable perspective: You can reinvest the additional budget in cloud services or hybrid landscapes, for example, and thus sustainably refinance the future of your IT infrastructure.

…legally compliant point of view: You can address the issue with a clear conscience because selling used software licenses is legal.

No. Since software does not age, wear out or wear out through use, the full range of features of the original product is available. The performance gains of potential successor versions, which are generally barely noticeable for standard users, are generally easily dispensed with, especially since all updates provided by the manufacturers would be installed as normal. The MRM partners analyze and advise on this point very carefully.

In short: For corporate customers, purchasing used software from our partners is a cost-effective alternative to purchasing new software with a savings potential of up to 70%.

Yes. Second purchasers of software that entitles them to updates can also continue to receive updates from the software manufacturer without restrictions.

Look out for the following signs:

  • You will be provided with a personal contact person right from the start.
  • The retailer has many years of expertise and communicates its values ​​openly and transparently.
  • Important questions about general, technical and legal matters are answered competently both on the website and in personal conversations.
  • Other important indicators: Certificates, partnerships with manufacturing companies (e.g. Microsoft) and other well-known companies.

Of course, MRM only buys and sells original software. The licenses offered for purchase are carefully checked by MRM. As a seller of used software, you must provide us with the associated software and contract data. These provide information about whether the licenses are genuine and are therefore the basis for the inventory.

No. MRM Distribution only purchases software for commercial use, which flows back into the corporate IT market exclusively via registered trading partners. The vision of MRM Distribution is to open up the commercial IT market and gain official sales partners for trading in used software. Together with its registered partners, MRM establishes the familiar sales structures of the new software business, including in the trade in used software.

Selling software licenses is usually quick and easy. You can completely rely on MRM. You simply provide us with the software data and ensure that the software or any backup copies can no longer be found on your company's servers after it has been sold.

The sale of software licenses to MRM takes place in three steps: 

After you have contacted us with information about your unused licenses, the first step is a consultation in which we determine the value of your software and create an offer. After the subsequent verification of your licenses, the final step is the payment. This takes place within 14 days – without commission or installment payments.

In order to be able to finalize the purchase later, we need the following documents from you: 

  • License Agreements 
  • MLS (Microsoft Licensing Statement) if available
  • Proof of purchase (invoices, CPS = Customer Price Sheet) 
  • Excerpts from the VLSC (Snips) showing the licensee, the license agreements and the products 
  • Keys (MAK and KMS) for the products to be sold including the downgrade keys for the two previous versions (e.g. when selling Office 2019 we need the keys for versions 2019, 2016 and 2013) 
  • Important: the possible activations must be at least as high as the number of licenses you sell to us 
  • If necessary, iso files (after consultation with us; if we already have the iso, this point is omitted) 


As soon as we have checked all the necessary documents and found them to be sufficient, send us the signed declaration of destruction and your invoice, which we will transfer to the account you specified within 14 days.

MRM Distribution

Yes. We have been awarded IT-Business's Distri Award for refurbishing and remarketing every year since 2018. Received in April 2022 MRM also has the TÜV IT Trustee Process quality seal.

Behind MRM is a motivated, friendly team led by managing director Christian Bedel. We have been the first German distribution for the circular IT economy since 2017 and today supply more than 4.700 registered IT specialist retailers with used software, refurbished hardware and IT services with the aim of continually optimizing the business benefits of companies and partners through our services .

With us you are safe: In addition to legally compliant business transactions, the attributes of reliability and trust are part of our service mentality. That's why our initial inventory of your license values ​​is completely non-binding and risk-free for you.

We advise you competently: Our certified licensing specialists have more than 25 years of experience in software trading and IT remarketing. 

And best of all, one of these specialists will accompany you through the entire software purchasing process.

We are fair: We understand the asset value of your software licenses. That's why we pay you a fair and market-based price. 

We are future-oriented: The team shows full commitment when it comes to easing the financial burden on companies and showing them a path to a profitable and technically well-equipped future.