Use hyperautomation with Quickwork to make workflows more efficient. This innovative program initiates business processes and distributes tasks to everyone bodies and people involved in the processing. In addition, if desired and necessary, she takes on tasks in direct processing. 


Why Quickwork?

Work together better & faster

Thanks to the existing applications and connections, you will quickly learn how Quickwork works. Automate complex workflows yourself and share your knowledge with other users. You can receive support via chat, community or SLA.

Work in real time

Over 1800 built-in apps

Minimal training effort

Drag'n'drop interface

Easily convert workflows into APIs

White label capability

Quickwork goes one step further and, in addition to the ability to present the platform under your own brand, also offers an embedded solution that is specifically tailored to your customers' branding.

High flexibility

High standards of customer service

Local contacts

ISO 27001 compliant (information security)

GDPR compliant

Customized solutions

In addition to the pre-integrated apps and connectors, Quickwork offers developer support for customized workflows or API design for your customers' in-house project, supported by the citizen developer approach.

Support for internal projects with self-employed
developed applications or workflows

New applications are added “on demand”.

Budget-friendly access to programmers and
Architects, remote or on-site support

Hosting on-prem, in the cloud or hybrid

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MRM partners benefit from Quickwork

Create faster and more secure workflows, design and manage APIs, and provide developer services to your customers. As our partner, you have the option of purchasing Quickwork's platform solution via MRM or having an individual white label solution developed for your customers. Take advantage of the opportunity now and register as a sales partner using the registration form to benefit from the advantages of MRM for your customers.
The MRM B2B team carefully reviews each application and then contacts you personally to inform you about a possible partnership. Today there are already over 6.000 partners in the MRM network.